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Ernest and Rachel Komanapalli always shared the conviction in their hearts that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not just in word but also in deed. The "cup of cold water" to the thirsty is as important as sharing salvation through Jesus Christ. The two need not be mutually exclusive. 

In 1968, Rachel went to visit a woman dying of cancer who asked that she take care of her children upon her death. Rachel promised, never suspecting that the woman would die 2 days later. She took the two children into her home. This started the work with poor and needy children.


Our work with the children continues bringing hope and opportunity. Today 3000 children are under our care and over the years we have cared for over 17,000 children. Taking into account changing conventional wisdom but also the present reality, we are moving forward in not only taking care of children in our children homes but also in family care situations. We have targeted 4 groups of children to help and provide them with food, education, shelter, clothing and an environment of nurture.


1. Orphan: a child who has no parents or willing relatives to care for them.

2. Semi-orphan: a child who has one parent but is in deep poverty which puts them at risk.

3. At risk child: a child who has both parents but is in a situation of abuse, and at risk for child labor, child marriage or human trafficking

4. Child of dire poverty: has both parents who need help in giving the child a future

Thank you so much for your interest. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at


With your help, a child can dare to dream and have an opportunity to see it become a reality!

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